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06 Sep

il 570xN.263175414betsy jarvis

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE pillows. Especially those that are unique and personalized. I believe you can never have too many! And to me, pillows are often art & keepsakes - in addition to comfy-cozy.

Truly, Madly, Deeply is one of my favorites phrases. Passion in the simplest yet most romantic terms.

Ideal gift (even to yourself...you deserve it!) Check out more of the vintage-inspired designs by Betsy Jarvis on Etsy. 


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05 Sep

wc320-hey-foxy-wood-everyday-dnight owl paper goods

Hey Foxy! Move over hedgehogs, could foxes be the new owls?!?!

Woodland creatures are definitely showing up everywhere this fall but it seems the fox may be the IT critter of furry friends this season.

American designer Tory Burch has fully embraced Mr. Fox as the sly little trickster dots everything from shoes to accessories to sweaters. Her velvet fox slippers had me at the grosgrain ribbon on the fox's ear heartPink...I couldn't wait to get my hands on these!

8091036 fpx

TB 31129200 443

original      tory-burch-ella-mini-tote 

TB 31125012 810 TB 32125801 710

Photos: Tory Burch

 Tory isn't the only one sweet on foxes...

7616546620 2 2 3zara

il 570xN.296089441angela grace jewelry via etsy

image1xlpeter jensen for asos

69172544246138648 zewCgIZZ fthe glamourai

169870217164358672 V9qTrGVw fcelapiu via etsy

jill-stuart-fall-2011-fox-dressJill Stuart

5533282425 7c9653b4f7jennifer ladd via etsy


Fox-Motif-Belt-570x300Leather Man Ltd.

img-thingburberry at matches 49809503 largedorothy perkins

92534967314729212 yDPWsJIH cRugby - Ralph Lauren

I love the touch of whimsy this character brings while at the same time a bit of preppy - even regal.

il 570xN.193887010sweet harvey via etsy

82612974385351879 9HbZx2nx fruffled

183662491023984029 yTfdu2ix fshhh my darling

redfoxthe spotted fox

il 570xN.290549434MelaboWed via etsy

 79beb410bf21012f9ca2005056b729be-31-5255035Paperless Post

534 front Fox Royal WEdding Aleroyal beer collections



 Nothing sums up this trending little critter better than this line from the film, The Fantastic Mr. Fox:

Mrs. Fox: You know, you really are...fantastic.

Mr. Fox: I try.

Yes, Mr. Fox, I feel you are quite fantastic too!


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04 Sep

il 570xN.364972011

Holy Sugar Rush! These are sweets with swagger.

Vintage Confections took my breath away when I saw their lollies that truly looked too good to eat! Definite conversation starters.

Martha Stewart and BRIDES dig them too with recent features in their publications. And Dylan Lauren even had them at her bridal shower! 

It's so fantastic how they can customize them perfectly for your wedding - or celebration. Theme, color, monogram, size...

Here's a sampling of some of my faves in their Etsy shop. 

il 570xN.293024493

il 570xN.327229157

il 570xN.227047181

il 570xN.261395879

il 570xN.304911729

il 570xN.256070771

il 570xN.327349704

Perfect as favors or even table numbers! I think I need to have a party! So cool. So Willy Wonka.


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Photo credit: Vintage Confections via Etsy


02 Sep

il 570xN.338747624

I recently stumbled across Delezhen on Etsy and I am SO HAPPY I did! 

Delezhen has stunning handmade jewelry featuring vibrant, faceted natural stones. The design is simple and sweet and my favorite part is the hand stamped leaves with personalization.

il 570xN.345567464 il 570xN.318467977

The bridesmaid sets are the perfect gift and accessory for your best girls!

il 570xN.344810650



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Photo credit: Delehzen via Etsy

31 Aug

Southern-wedding-mini-piessouthern weddings

I am in love with all of the mini food options out there...and pies are at the top of my list!

I am a hard-core cake fan but the comfort of a pie seems to make weddings even more personal. 

...and the varieties are endless!

80501912059433478 xiiB0O7K ftara guerard

100920 BLOG SWilliams1oh Charleston large imagethe knot

sarah mckenzie photography 150x600style me pretty

27021666484327809 NyNXWC7L fsweet and saucy shop

71 141b128b338b643c7every last detail  mysweetandsaucysweet and saucy shop

lakefood13Utah bride

Family Farm wedding Virginia Jebson Deermount MaryDoughertyPhotography 4grey likes weddings

30sweet and saucy shop

Undeniable cute (especially with the flavor flags and fun shapes) and there are my new obsession. Just hoping I don't make the cupcakes too jealous?!?!


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29 Aug

7712946704 6fac56922a o

...and the month of August always feels a little bittersweet, as if it were the beginning of summer's end, and the mornings seem a little less hazy and the evenings a little more crisp, and the pace of everyday has begun to quicken, overtaking summer's easy going vibe; but the waters have finally begun to warm, and the stars still light the late night conversations long after the rest of the world has fallen into dreams, and there are still a couple weeks left of beautiful summer.


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29 Aug

421710 10151171086366208 1495183186 nlulu's upcycling lounge

I heartBlue this sash. I think this would be adorable for a wedding party!

Lulu's Upcycling Lounge. The name alone has a cool vibe - and knowing Lulu personally, she and her upcycled products do not disappoint. I am a huge fan of her necktie clutches too!

2011-09-22 094lulu's upcycling lounge

She is a vendor at the upcoming Junk Bonanza and her products are showing up in boutiques around the country!

She is always coming up with new and different ways to fashion repurposed and upcycled materials so check out her site and Facebook page. Good stuff.


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28 Aug


This made my day yesterday!

There's nothing better than A.) An unexpected package in the mail {I heartPinkmail} and B.) what's inside is a visual map of the choreography to Michael Jackson's Thriller and CD!?!

How fun and creative is this teaser for my friends' big day! A perfect sampler for the energy they bring to any celebration.

bill jess 5  billjess4

OMG. Friday Night Video flashback. It's like riding bike. It's all coming back to me. Fantastic.


And fantastic are Bill & Jess! I am so lucky to be part of the wedding party and help them celebrate. And celebrate we will!


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27 Aug

7321133e-cb58-477b-9e85-a109221c5706minnetonka moccasin co.

From the Boundary Waters of Minnesota to New York to Tokyo, I have seen people sporting Minnetonka moccasins - and I always feel closer to home! 

I heartBlue the limited edition colors for fall. Truly some of my faves!


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23 Aug

7213426904 c43e75f1f9 z 1

I can't believe my sangria-lovin' self is so late to the party with the Calimocho! Where has this been all my life?!? And it's so much fun to say...calimocho!

This Spanish concoction is a worthy signature cocktail that is easy-peasy and a perfectly delightful combination.


50-50 split between a cheap dry red wine (Trader Joe's is always for good this) and Coca-Cola (regular Coke recommended v. Diet or Coke Zero). Ice well. Add a squeeze of lemon and lime. Enjoy!

The wine cuts the sweet and the Coke adds the zing. Yum-O.


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22 Aug


I found this little treasure on my my desk. Such a sweet token from a good friend.

Lucky pig. Lucky me. heartPink

Wouldn't this be an adorable wedding favor - or on each place setting? Love.


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15 Aug

205195326742596947 Mu2iIvPR fPinterest

I heartPink braids. {And so does The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones and Snow White and the Huntsman!}

For many, a ponytail is their go-to hairstyle in a pinch. Mine has always been braids.

I learned to braid at a VERY young age since I showed horses. It was like earning a badge of honor (if only I could have earned a patch!) when you could braid the mane and tail - and it was show-worthy.

Braids and bows. Who knew? Two great skills learned from my mom...{these and the importance of presentation.}

{Thank you, Mom!}

Fishtails are hot right now so I gathered some of my faves that can work for everday - or the BIG DAY!!

 tumblr lfe0omcMee1qfmtsto1 500eat & love

75169 1612369744825 1103700052 31663716 596077 ns photos

4fe005e90762dthe lane

6a00d8358081ff69e2016760df3a80970b-800wia beautiful mess

tumblr m6s08bMmi41r0xb4to1 500oh so pretty

261701428316236570 lfdfqiU0 fbig fashion geek

4fe0059d178b6carly mcbeth

Romanic-Utah-Bridals-Lace-Pastel-Florals-Alixann-Loosle-Photography-11bridal musings

607259 xOjtmoU8 cfree people

tumblr lwj9flyOiq1r7kdigo1 500boho bisous

As intricate as it looks, it is amazingly easy to learn with all the tutorials online. Click here for one by BEAUTYLISH that I thought worked well - and I did it on the first try!

For more braids follow my Braid-tastic board on Pinterest!


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12 Aug

IMG 9414vintagecollection

One of my most favorite recent finds that I was lucky enough to stumble across in all my digging for the latest and greatest hidden treasures...Jeanne Oliver Designs.

IMG 9618bweblucille necklace IMG 9783webleather flower cuff

IMG 9758aring collection

IMG 9828webvintage french sheet monogram

Her shop offers thoughtful and unique pieces that seem to tell stories and warm your heart. Whether it be a piece of jewelry, dress, art - or a handbag like the Emerson I just purchased!

IMG 8974awebEmerson Bag

Check it out her shop, lookbook and blog...she is also on Etsy. A Vintage Collection well done.


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