24 Jun

Juno 214


I can't believe that it has already been ONE year since I started on this GetMarried and blogging adventure. 

Honestly, in taking this creative leap of faith, I had no idea what to expect but opted to trust my gut and embrace the confidence my closet friends, family and advisors had in me. Truly some of the most amazing, talented and honest people I could be blessed with having on my side.

I am grateful for so much. I adore all of the followers on every platform and how engaged and appreciative you have been for what GetMarried is all about. Fresh. Thoughtful. Inspired. My point of view.

The opportunities to meet people and go places is beyond extraordinary. (OMG. I was at Martha Stewart Living Ominmedia last week. Really?!?!) And these are two things that can't help but fuel inspiration more than ever. The friendships and connections I have been able to make are amazing - and I love the chance to share it all!

Known to start my Facebook day with a daily quote or thought, here are a few that best capture the past year...

When nothing is sure, everything is possible.

People say I'm a dreamer. I am.

Beautiful things can be made out of dust.

Be bright. Be happy. Be you.

Cheers to GetMarried's first journey around the sun and the HUGEST of thanks to everyone who helped make that happen...

signatureHeather o  xoxo


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