07 Feb

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Be Mine. URG8. Hugs & Kisses. U Rock. Tweet Me. Luv Ya.

There's nothing better than a box of conversation hearts from a secret admirer (preferably the chalky kind) - or a sweet token of love wrapped with a bow from your special someone. Ahhhh, swoon. 

If you want to break away from the traditional candy or flowers, here are some great gift ideas that would make anyone weak in the knees...

bowls etsyheart bowls | ross lab

tomswomen's vegan classic | toms

Balloon-deliverygeronimo balloons

il 570xN.406902114 nobqgloves | yastik izi

 succulentscenterpiece | the succulent shoppe

 modcloth-grey-button-but-love-clutch-product-1-5445475-837591998 large flexclutch | modcloth

heartringsdruzy quartz heart ring | peppina jewelry

etsy cutting boardcutting board | gray works design


and my personal favorite given to me one year from my BFF...

53163365 gathered truths | sundance catalog 

Happy heartNavy Day!  XOXO


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