15 Aug

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I heartPink braids. {And so does The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones and Snow White and the Huntsman!}

For many, a ponytail is their go-to hairstyle in a pinch. Mine has always been braids.

I learned to braid at a VERY young age since I showed horses. It was like earning a badge of honor (if only I could have earned a patch!) when you could braid the mane and tail - and it was show-worthy.

Braids and bows. Who knew? Two great skills learned from my mom...{these and the importance of presentation.}

{Thank you, Mom!}

Fishtails are hot right now so I gathered some of my faves that can work for everday - or the BIG DAY!!

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As intricate as it looks, it is amazingly easy to learn with all the tutorials online. Click here for one by BEAUTYLISH that I thought worked well - and I did it on the first try!

For more braids follow my Braid-tastic board on Pinterest!


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