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21 Sep


I ran across this infographic by Ammeil Mendoza on Refinery29 (one of my favorite spots to browse daily) and it is pure gold sprinkled with perfect humor.

My favorite part of the criteria at the end...floral crowns, fishtail braid, kimchi in mason jars, gooseberries...love it!

Thank you Pinterest for being the enabler of hipster wedding inspiration for everyone.


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06 Aug

converse-all-star-wedding-inspiration.001weddings by lilly

I heartBlue my Converse All-Stars. And I love that you can now customize them even more! Adds instant personality to the bride & groom - or the entire wedding party. 


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11 Jul

kusamalv 1artinfo

Get Ready...Everyone will be seeing dots!

Louis Vuitton released its collaboration with the legendary Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. WOW. Kusama is known for her avant-garde fashion and signature polka-dot style.

Simple combos and intuitive contrasts make this a sure-fire recipe for success - even for the most conservative.


The collection is called "Infinity Kusama" and features bangles, silk pajamas, handbags, scarves, dresses and shoes.


Yayoi-Kusama-Louis-Vuitton-Lockit-MM-Monogram-Vernis-Dots-Infinity-redbe7c902fb83253e942a517995e8aa800be0ed956 m  Dots-Infinity-Snood-Yellow 



See the entire collection here.

For those of us who can't afford a piece of this where fashion meets art, Louis Vuitton will debut an iPad app where users can take photos and turn them into a Yayoi Kusama motif.

How cute to add a touch of polka dot in your wedding....balloons. bow tie. sash.cake. clutch or even your photo booth back drop? Irresistible fun & happy!


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21 Jun

hudgensbeyoncenailsImage via JustPeachy 

I'm not sure if I'm channeling my inner-Beyonce or Rhianna but I am a fan of painitng my ring fingers different colors than the rest.

So fun - especially with all the great nail colors out there! I am always debating between a couple colors anyway so this is a perfect option. And super cool when accenting an awesome ring.

My personal favorite is neutral on all nails with a bright or neon shade on the ring fingers. Love.



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20 Jun

indie wed

OMG. If you ever have the opportunity to attend an Indie Wed show, jump on it!!

What is Indie Wed, you ask? Well, Indie Wed is the alternative to the traditional bridal expo - considered wedding planning redefined.

I love this event for so many reasons...the support of small local businesses, truly unique talent, ideas and products, the embracing of couples with an independent spirit - and a cool, intimate setting that feels like a cocktail party AND artisan market at the same time. Heaven.

To date the Indie Wed shows have been strictly in the Midwest...but rumor has it they are expanding nationally in 2013! Super exciting. Their next show is in Denver on July 31st (their Rocky Mountain debut- and in my mind, a perfect place for this event!)

After attending my first Indie Wed show in Milwaukee, I give it a definite thumbs up - and even recommend it for those who just love cool, unique inspiration for fashion, entertaining, food, paper goods, photography...not necessarily just wedding. They pick such great venues to host the show & market!

Here is a peek at the Milwaukee show...

indie wed milwaukee

indie wed milwaukee

indie wed milwaukeeImage via IndieWed

 Who knows? Maybe I will see you mingling with a cocktail, dancing to the live music or browsing the market at one of these upcoming events...


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