25 Jul

LA-5Rock n Roll Bride

Between the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Summer Olympics...not to mention the ongoing fairytale romance of Wills and Kate, London is the perfect backdrop for some brilliant wedding details.

Here's what I find to be truly the bee's knees when infusing some British charm...

 BEST-OF-BRITISH-WEDDING-DECORATION-015segerius bruce photography

23H10BCRM large.jpg2linda scanell photography


 287104544965316736 ACjiW5vY fLavender & Ash

 Union-Jack-Save-the-Date-full-view1in the treehouse

Jess-Dan-21.04.12-139-of-356Rock n Roll Bride

almcqueen-clutchalexander mcqueen  British-Flag-Wedding-Theme3happy wedding wishes

30-short-wedding-dress-uk-bunting-red-heels-stonedelightfully engaged

179304 in lhunter  23H10BCRM largetopshop

il 570xN.280656392seahorse bend press

tumblr lxhot5hijd1r9hgn9o2 500tumblr il fullxfull.296885350apple door studio

 bijoux-bride-real-wedding-67-informal-london-wedding-tapas-and-sunflowera-hannah-mia-photography-12gig masters

il 570xN.272389654jezebel charms il 570xN 195608848plastique

11 heathclif 1747892aheathcliff o'malley

il 570xN.344743377BeSpoke Union Jack Bags with Wedding Tag 2vintage amethyst

large 10047 594359 2r&r country il 570xN.328324415cherry pie lane

wallpaper-design-cool-britannia-celebrating-royal-wedding-with-flags-and-ballons-588x588graham & brown

 Screen shot 2011-04-20 at 3.19.07 PMlove.luck.kisses.cake.  

08-table-setting-royal-inspiration-red-blue-white-elegantdelightfully engaged

278449189431358248 u0ubjlUX cAndrew  Squires

Absobloodylootely irresistible. How does one not fancy all these British lovelies and want to jump the pond for a visit??! Let's go!


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