20 Jul

pet-in-wedding-4Lucky Pictures

I am a crazy animal lover so this influx of pets in weddings has me thrilled to bits!

One of my most memorable wedding photos of my mom is her with her beloved champion hunting dog, Huntington's Go Boy. I love that she had this photo taken - and how to this day, her heartPink melts for that dog and this photo.


{My Mom & her Black Lab, Boy}

So whether or not you are a fan of furry friends, you have to check out these undeniably sweet pets helping celebrate the big day. Awwwwww...

jemmacolemanphotographyjemma coleman photography

1jonathon canlas photography

wedding0143x600style me pretty

dogs1Victoria Souza Photography

WEB Beautiful woman and a dark hor 26994320gonna get wed

 pet-in-wedding-2bridal guide

12bBritt Photography

Steinhardt Pollock Birch Blaze Studios PollockSteinhardt8998 low-590x393Birch Blaze Studios

pet-in-wedding-7fairytales & chandeliers

a99913 sum03 chocolatelab lmartha stewart weddings 

enchanted barn sunrise shoot 158x600style me pretty

 gabeanddanielle 2600xstyle me pretty

 MG 7956A600xtwin lens

20120420-laura ivanova photography 010i love farm weddings

img 8981 1791783212 o600xShannon Christopher

 wedding-party-dog-photoredbox pictures

23995810484187317 woWq9nzm cWedding Pictures To Die For

Even if you opt to not include your four-legged family member in the ceremony, I definitely think it would be worth it to capture them in one your shoots. Like Mom, you too will find them some of your most favorite and memorable of the day.


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