10 Dec


Michael  Nadine   Wedding 042 42B8

Meet Nadine and Michael.

An amazing couple with a fantastic love story that is full of surprise and fun - a bit non-traditional but loaded with LOVE.  And I think the best one to tell the story Nadine herself...

{ Ever since our first date, our relationship was full of surprises (for us AND for our friends & family!) On our first date - surprise! - the restaurant has computer issues so we were forced to have an impromptu date somewhere else. We surprised our friends and family when we announced we were expecting. Our son, Declan's name was kept a secret until he has born - surprise! Then, it was we're engaged - surprise!

Now for the best surprise...a wedding!

We "lured" our friends and family by inviting them our home for an engagement party! The best man made the announcement...

"Many of you may be wondering where Nadine and Michael are right now. Well, the reason why they aren't here is because they have decided to end their engagement today (long pause)...but that's because they are getting married...here...tonight!"

We made a grand entrance and then got married on our back steps. Perfect evening. }

I just melt  with this story...and am so impressed they pulled it off! Love all of the personal touches from the chalkboard art to the DIY invitations to the Polaroid guest book and to the signature drinks. What a memorable and and fun surprise for everyone!

Michael  Nadine   Wedding 009 1744

Wedding Ring 2

 Michael  Nadine   Wedding 024 E9C4

Michael  Nadine   Wedding 081 9C35

Michael  Nadine   Wedding 080 7716 Michael  Nadine   Wedding 060 246C2

Michael  Nadine   Wedding 062 E20B

Michael  Nadine   Wedding 051 B7B5

Michael  Nadine   Wedding 061 CF4F

Michael  Nadine   Wedding 068 0D93

Michael  Nadine   Wedding 067 95C7

Michael--Nadine- -Wedding-094 33B0

Michael  Nadine   Wedding 117 F919

Michael  Nadine   Wedding 121 DB6B

Michael  Nadine   Wedding 134 74EE

Michael  Nadine   Wedding 166 3B87

Wedding & Dinner Venue: Private Home \ Photographer: Katie Polston \ Bride's Dress: Custom \ Stationer: Nadine Yang (bride) \ Flowers: Farmers Market Annex \ Caterer: Therese Ly \ Cakes: Cafe Latte


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