Today I Love

Today I Love

01 Feb


steph loves ben.

A gem of an Etsy shop featuring the sweetest handmade decorations and pretty things. My heart skipped a beat when I saw this adorable pom bouquet. Cuter than cute and a zillion colors to choose from...(okay, maybe just 15 but it looks crazy colorful in the best way possible!)


I would love to wrap my office in this felted garland...




And this charming custom felt cake topper is the icing on the cake of pretty, handmade things!



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photo credit: steph loves ben via Etsy

29 Jan


Meet The Cozy Project.

Who can resist a name like that?!? I love to be cozy and I love a project. And I LOVE this adorable Etsy shop filled to the brim with handmade cozies from Portland.

cozy cozy3


cozy2 cozy7

I have a mild obsession and am known to collect cozies from places I have been, bands I have seen, weddings I have celebrated and the "just too darn cute to pass up" ones I find. The Cozy Project definitely falls under the "just too darn cute to pass up"category.

I can never have too many cozies to keep my coffee warm or my pint glass from sweating...so send some unique and chic ones to GetMarried and I will feature them!


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Photo credit: The Cozy Project via Etsy


22 Jan

home t3

Home is where the heart is...

Or where your Home T says it is! There is nothing better than a great tee. And I think these would be so adorable for a Save the Date or engagement photo as each shows off their state pride!


Started in a small one-bedroom apartment in NYC...The Home T literally is shipped from their home to yours. Check here for additional states and countries currently available.

Better yet, a portion of the proceeds go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and earmarked specifically for research.


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Photo credit: The Home T

15 Jan


Meet hiip San Francisco.

There's nothing I love more than discovering passionate, creative and just down right good people. And this is exactly what I found when I met Nicole, owner/founder of hiip San Francisco, in the pop-up shop at The Lab Event last weekend in Sonoma. Instant cool...and wait 'til you see her bags and hear the hiip story.


hiip launched with a mission to spread change in San Francisco. Inspired by the TOMS business model of one-for-one, for every hiip bag that's purchased, a hiip kit in donated to a homeless person in need. The hiip kit is filled with everyday essentials. hiip encourages those who are in San Francisco area to join her on hiip handouts. I love her desire to give back while helping build the community through purposeful interactions.


 hiip styles feature names from the San Francisco Bay area...and there is truly something for everyone. So hard to decide!

hiip4 hiip5


So wear some charity and you will not only look great but you feel great. Just think...by buying a cute new handbag, you can help participate in changing the situation for a community.


signatureHeather o

Photo credit: hiip San Francisco \ Bess Friday Photography




10 Jan


“People connect and respond to handmade things in a different, deeper way.I seek out pieces with a soul and history, and I love layering on my own point of view.”- T. Schafhauser

Meet Sheer Addiction.

It is bold. It is feminine. It is sophisticated. It is addictive. It is stunning. 

I first discovered Sheer Addiction at the Junk Bonanza and now I find myself quite frequently browsing their online shop to hold me over until the next Junk Bonanza. It's definitely a happy place for me!

IMG 6273webMe and Tamara at the Junk Bonanza 2012

Tamara Schafhauser, the creative gem behind Sheer Addiction has a wonderful way of translating her inspiration into ridiculously amazing jewelry.

sheer7 sheer9

From necklaces to bracelets to earrings to their adorable charm bar...everyone should own at least one of these treasures! The Wedding Collection will make you weak in the knees knowing that you have found the perfect statement piece for your big day.

Get ready to ooo and ahhh as here are a few lovelies on my wishlist...

sheeradd6 sheeradd5


sheer6 sheeradd3
sheer 3 sheeradd9


signatureHeather o


Photo credit: Sheer Addiction





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