Today I Love

Today I Love

04 Apr


Kissing horses, foxes and bears...oh my!

I am in LOVE. So happy ot have discovered UK-based ANORAK and their online shop. All of their goods are undeniably irresistible for the whimisical animal loer in me!

The steamer trunks are beyond words...can you say the MOST ADORABLE coffee table!?! The woodland creatures makes this melamine picnic ware so fun and fresh...I say let's go on a picnic. NOW! And to wrap myself in a blanket of kissing horses...heaven. (Now I just need them to come state-side...pleeez! pretty please with a cute bunny on top!))






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Photo source: Anorak


28 Mar


One mani-pedi please!...meet Essie's 2013 Bridal Collection!

The annual bridal collection from the nail polish powerhouse, Essie is available in April 2013 and I got a sneak peek!

No Baggage Please - a positively rosy pink

My Better Half - an irresistible peony pink

Meet Me at the Altar - a romantic rendezvous lilac

Using My Maiden Name - a pretty blue hydrangea

 Just like with my better half, when you find the one you know!


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20 Mar


I love fresh flowers but I also love paper so I am digging the concept of The Paper Flower Shop from West Elm.

Handcrafted from paper, these blooms make the perfect home, event or wedding accent...and they will never wilt!

WEpaperflower3 wepaperflower4
wepaperflower5 wepaperflowers8
wepaperflower7 westelmmexicancrepe
WEpaperflower2 westelmpalegreen

I hear they are expanding the collections throughout the year with nine seasonal varieties. What a wonderful thing to look forward to as I browse the already inspirational shop of West Elm!


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Photos courtesy of West Elm



13 Mar

wall lab2

I've been on a quest to find the perfect chalkboard...and stumbling upon these roll-up chalkboards from Wall Lab on Etsy made my day!

I love the old school look with the wood frame and ring pull. AND it has a LEDGE! Yippee!

wall lab3

How great are these rubber-tipped ends to protect your walls from scratches?!? You can even pick a color! Love.

Perfect for a menu, seating chart or just good fun signage anywhere! 

wall lab

Now to just perfect my chalking skills...


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Photo credit: Wall Lab via Etsy


07 Mar


As many pictures as I take, I tend to have a hard time sitting down and putting them in a book?! Always my rainy day project that gets pushed to the next rainy day...

I stumbled upon the idea of making an Instagram book from Blurb - and I am so happy I did as well as had the gumption to go ahead and do it (no rainy day needed!)



Instagram seems to capture truly candid randomness that makes up my life - especially when you see it in print! Love it. No more excuses as it was SO EASY to do. The IDEAL way to bundle and share your most real and memorable people, places and events.

I know I will be making more...and to see all my candid randomness, follow me on Instagram.


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