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27 Aug

AdmiralSoleBicycle.jpgthe admiral

I am in love with this bicycle.

Granted a bike isn't a vital mode of transportation for me, but undoubtedly this bike may be enough inspiration to get me riding on a more regular basis. It crazily makes me weak in the knees - and it's a bike?!?

I love the story of Sole Bicycles. Their reason for cool bikes aligns perfectly with how I look at life and other beautiful things - so why not add this bike to the mix?

"We believe your bicycle should be an extension of your life.
Your bicycle should be live music, it should be art, it should epic,
it should be dawn patrol and late night adventures.  
Solé bicycles are you, they’re your mobile canvas,
and oh yeah, they’ll get you there, too."

It is officially on my Wish List.




Photo via Sole Bicycles


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