18 Sep

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It all started with this blue dress at Lili Salon and it's charming embellishments...

I could not believe that (a) these embellishments were actually hair accessories and (b) that they were made out of paper?!? 

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I instantly pictured a bride and her bridal party wearing these pieces - and I had to learn more!

So lucky...I had the pleasure of meeting the artist behind this wearable art. Sally Suby of Suby Paper Company was initially inspired by a trip to India and the exotic handmade papers she found there. Silk. Metallic. Floral.

Adding handmade cotton papers from Barcelona Spain, Sally created a line of wedding jewelry keeping the design modern and fresh yet deeply rooted in tradition.

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Each piece is truly a labor of love as the handmade paper is painted, hand imprinted and then cut into circles or squares. Each circle or square is then hand painted to create individually frames petite mosaics.

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The mosiacs are then threaded - often incorporating vintage beads (even heirloom wedding pearls!) to create this one-of-kind wearble art. Beautiful.

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The hair acessories feature the handmade paper technique coupled with the most amazing combs and pins found in Paris. I absolutely adore these.

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A fabulous gift...a unique bridal accent...and the most stunning everyday accessory. So happy to have found them!


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Photo credit: Jordi Lee Photography


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