16 Sep


Ever since I went up north this summer and found some of the most wonderful pieces of fallen birch trees, I have been wanting to come up with the perfect project where I could showcase them. Always entertaining and always on the hunt for cool cake stands, I thought what better way to customize a cake stand than with my birch logs and favorite plates!

It was ridiculously easy so I'm even more excited to share...

Here's what you will need:

  • Various birch logs cut to your desired height (or any other tree branch for that matter...I just like the contrast in the white bark of birch.)
  • Sandpaper
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Dinner or salad plates, round or square (The base of the plate needs to cover the diameter of the log.)
  • Sharpie 


Fortunately, my DIY pal, Jodi of One Simple Dream is quite handy with the saw so she was able to cut my log into a few different sizes since ultimately, I want different heights at the dessert table.

For all you power tool junkies, she used a Dewalt sliding compund miter saw with a 12" fine toothed Dewalt carbid blade. Serious stuff.



Note: The straighter the logs, the easier to cut and the less time will be needed to sand the top (sometimes sanding is needed to insure the plate sits level.) Also, if the log diameter is less than 5" it will be easier to cut as you won't need to rotate the log while cutting (which is what we had to do!)

Now here's the super duper easy part...

First, set the plate upside down and align the log on the bottom. Put a few dots around the log to insure you can center it when glueing it on.


Now add glue to the end of the log that will hold the plate. Keep the glue in at least an inch from the edge of the log since the glue expands. That Gorilla Glue rocks! (And, you need less than you think.)


Next turn over the log, glue facing down and realign with the dots on the bottom of the plate. Add pressure and then let it sit upside down for at least 20 minutes.


Turn over and yipee! It's finished! You now have the ideal modern rustic cake stand.IMG_6149.jpg



And the perfect touch for my donut bar...


I'm in love with how they turned out...and can't help but think that these would be the most awesome gifts, centerpieces and of course, the coolest serving plates!


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Photography: Jordi Lee Photography

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