20 Aug


The perfect favor that keeps on giving.

Featured in a bridal shower earlier this summer on GetMarried, these DIY bird seed feeders generated alot of interest and readers wanting to know the how-to!

Naturally, I enlisted the help of my DIY-guru and friend, Jodi Storlie of One Simple Dream and am happy to share how we recreated these favors, originally inspired by Under the Sycamore. 

Here's what you need for one batch - (6) 3"x2" favors:

  • 1 cup of water
  • 2 cups of small bird/finch bird seed
  • 2 packets of Knox® gelatine, unflavored
  • straws, cut into 2" pieces
  • cookie cutters
  • ribbon, twine or strips of fabric
  • Pam® cooking spray
  • cookie sheet
  • wax paper

Additonal supplies:

  • cello bags
  • gift tag


First, you will need to bring the water to a small boil in a saucepan. Dissolve the packets of gelatine in the water, stirring with a whisk. Turn off burner and let cool for a couple minutes.

Pour in 2 cups of bird seed and mix well. If the mixture seems to be too watery, add more bird seed and let stand.


Line a cookie sheet with wax paper and spray the cookie cutters liberally with the cooking spray.


Spoon the seed mixture into the cookie cutters, making sure to press firmly and fill the cookie cutter completely.


Stick the straws into each one where you think the feeder will hang best. (Just not too close to an edge!)


Place in the freezer for at least 10 minutes to harden. Then gently release the feeder from the cookie cutter. (Eek! this part makes me a little nervous...hence, the encouragement for a liberal application of the cooking spray.)

IMPORTANT: Thread twine (ribbon or fabric strips) through the straw before you remove it from the feeder.


Let the feeders dry for at least 48 hours.  

Wa-lah! Now you can make a bee line to the tree and hang for your feathered friends, put in a cute bag for favors or use as the ultimate nature-inspired gift tag!



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Photo credit: Jordi Lee Photography

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