02 Jul


First of all I can't believe it's already July 4th?!? And with that bit of anxiety, I needed a last minute garland to help boost the upcoming holiday festivities! And there's nothing better than garland to help do that...

A bit obsessed with felt lately, I thought we'd take a crack at making a patriotic garland that resembles the glorious bunting often draped around a town square...but mini!

With the help of crafter-extraordinaire, Jodi of One Simple Dream, we created a charming garland that could be used for any occasion if you just swap out the colors!

Here's what you will need:

IMG 9796

Grab your template for the circles...in my case, a juice glass! Trace onto the felt. You should be able to get at least 20 circles per 12x12 sheet of felt. 

IMG 9797

Our 9 foot garland needed 72 total circles (total quantity varies depending on how you like your spacing). I cut out 24 of each color. 

IMG 9802

Stack four circles of felt on top of each other. You can chose to do all of the same in the stack or vary it! I did a little of each.

Sew directly down the middle of each stack of four. Cut excess thread.


Sew 18 circle stacks and pull apart to fluff each pouf. Pouf!



Cut 9 feet of the baker's twine and thread on a needle. I strongly recommend using a needle with a large "eye" as the baker's twine can be challenging to thread (but it's cuteness is key and worth every minute you spend threading that needle!)

Tie a double knot on each end and thread the poufs through the center.


Evenly space the poufs and hang!


Oh say can you see...a fun and festive garland!?!


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Photo credit: Jordi Lee Photography

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