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26 Apr

supergoop everyday

When I get obsessed with something (a la BP Cleanse, the Junk Bonanza, Birchbox, TOMS, the coffee at the local cafe Jensen's...), I am compelled to shout about it from the rooftops. My newest victim is Supergoop!.

I have a crush on this sunscreen and can't stop buying it in all forms...serums, travel-size, wipes, lip balm...you name it! It's amazing and it's not even that sunny in Minnesota yet! But just like my mom reminded us to always have good manners...with our fair-skinned Scandinavian roots, she also reminded us to wear SUNSCREEN. And I'm no different with my boys. They are just lucky enough to know about Supergoop! out of the gates.


 signatureHeather o


22 Apr


One could call me a Bag Lady and I would take no offense...I {heart} bags!

And these Mercado Global bags in Red Envelope's Inspiration Market are no exception. Stunning. 

I love that they showcase the skill, design and craftsmanship of indigenous artisans of Guatemala as well provide the opportunity for these women to craft these beautiful bags and support their families while sharing their art with the world.

mercado2 mercado3
mercado mercado7

Be sure and check out the other products featured in the Red Envelope Inspiration Market including the Eco-pillows by Alexandra Ferguson that were spotlighted here on GetMarried earlier this year! I told you they were cool...


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Photos courtesy of Red Envelope

12 Apr


I love when I find something that just screams my name and I can't stop thinking about it...and this week it was these ridiculously charming Long Distance Note Cards from Pear Tree Greetings. A-Dorable.

I get flashbacks of t-shirts my grandma would bring me from her random adventures around the country. While at the time, the t-shirts seemed too cliche and sometimes mundane (unless it had bubble letters, glitter or rainbows), I so have a soft spot now in my heart for them...and personally wish these cute cards came in t-shirts too!


But these note cards are perfect and made me instantly happy...so friends and family, you will soon be reminded that Somebody in Minnesota Loves You!


signatureHeather n

10 Apr

riflerifle paper co.

Yipee! The most lovely stationery company, Rifle Paper just released ten signature iPhone cases. Genius and gorgeous. Now I can carry one of their designs with me everywhere!

Of course, they are selling like hotcakes...and I've got my eye on the green one with leopards...hmmm..but the map of Manhattan is pretty amazing too?! Decisions...decisions...


signatureHeather o

08 Apr


Cutest take home boxes ever by A La Modo!

Pie and cake seem to be the obvious choice but how awesome for a slice of pizza as you are closing down the reception and need a late-night snack! Love.

Top it off with a custom painted fork...and it looks too cute to eat! But you'll get over that fast...and dig in!


 I {heart} wedge shaped boxes. 


signatureHeather o


Photo source: A La Modo via Etsy



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